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#NoFilter With Zack Peter

Dec 18, 2019

Bryce McLeay (co-host of The Nobodies Podcast), Ryan Bailey (host of So Bad It's Good with Ryan Bailey), and Luca Krump (co-founder of EVRYMAN) join #NoFilter with Zack Peter to take dating, sex, and relationship questions from the ladies that listen to the show. 

We gab about: 

  • Why guys send d*ck pics
  • What in your profile makes a guy Swipe Left on a dating app
  • Are guys afraid to be honest about the number of women they're seeing? 
  • Does he notice your zit?
  • Should a woman ever pay for a date? 
  • Will he talk to you again if you have sex on the first date?
  • & so much more! 

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