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#NoFilter With Zack Peter

Dec 28, 2016

Author of Get Your Shit Together, Sarah Knight joins #NoFilter to help you pull yourself together in the new year! Get Sarah easy tips and careers hacks, find out which chipmunk you are, and where Zack needs to get his shit together (after literally just spending $89 on coffee). Keep up with Sarah at @@MCSnugz on Twitter and Instagram (don't ask) and order Get Your Shit Together now at And what better way to enjoy #GYST than while chilling, worry-free in the backseat of your Uber. Use code UBERNOFILTER to get your first ride FREE! Like the show? Subscribe to us! and listen every Wednesday. Couldn’t get enough of us? Follow Zack @justplainzack on Twitter and Instagram. Snap with Zack at theactualzack on Snapchat And don't forget to give us your validation: and