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#NoFilter With Zack Peter

Nov 30, 2016

Political Activists and Internet Personalities Zach Heltzel and Ethan Zachery Scott join #NoFilter with Zack Peter to weigh-in on the aftermath of the election results. Can Hillary still win? Who are the new men Trump's bringing into office? What is the deal with these protests? And why won't we shut up about the election? All this and more on this week's #NoFilter! Keep up with Zach at @ZachHeltzel and Ethan at @EthanZScott! Like the show? Subscribe to us! and listen every Wednesday. Couldn’t get enough of us? Follow Zack @justplainzack on Twitter and Instagram. M Have a question for us? Tweet us @NoFilterZack! Give us your validation: and Snap with Zack at theactualzack on Snapchat