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#NoFilter With Zack Peter

Apr 4, 2018

Singer-Songwriter Jake Miller and Singer/Actress Serayah join #NoFilter with Zack Peter to discuss their new music videos, the power of being independent artists, and why so many mainstream musicians sell-out. Jake also talks about the who's behind the inspiration of his single 'Drinkin About You' and Serayah gives a sneak peek of what's to come on this season's 'Empire' on FOX.

Jake's new album SILVER LININGS is on sale now. Catch his new music video for 'Drinkin About You' now:

Catch him at @jakemiller and on the Hit & Run tour. Dates & tickets at:

Serayah's new single 'GTTM (Going Through the Motions)' is available now and catch her new music video:

Keep up with her @Serayah.

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