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#NoFilter With Zack Peter

Sep 30, 2019

Pop-culture breakdown: Zack Peter breaks down the biggest headlines this week. 


  • The Politician on Netflix (review) 
  • The New Real Housewives of New Jersey Trailer 
  • Erika Jayne joining the cast of Chicago the Musical 
  • Demi Moore vs. Ashton Kutcher 
  • Jonathan Van Ness comes out as HIV-positive 


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Sep 25, 2019

Actress Anne Winters joins #NoFilter with Zack Peter to talk about her hit shows 13 Reasons Why (Netflix) and Grand Hotel (ABC).

We gab about: 

  • 13 Reasons Why Season 4
  • Who we can expect to see back and where we might see Chloe 
  • Online haters 
  • Co-star Grace Saif 
  • Grand Hotel... Season 2? 

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Sep 23, 2019

Pop-culture Breakdown: This week on #NoFilter, Zack Peter breaks down the biggest celebrity news and gossip. 


  • Life Update - I'm Emotionally Horny & Taking a Break (2:45) 
  • Hair Tips from My Latest Bleaching 
  • Kim Kardashian & Kendall Jenner Getting Laughed at During the Emmys (14:00) 
  • Jenny McCarthy Hosting the...

Sep 18, 2019

Singer/Songwriter Justin Fabus joins #NoFilter with Zack Peter to dish on his latest tour, new music, and overcoming loss and backlash. 

We gab about: 

  • Touring with NKOTB 
  • Dealing with extreme exes 
  • Struggling with depression 
  • Finding love again 
  • Why country music is underrated 


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Sep 16, 2019

Entertainment Reporter/Hollywood Insider Sam Davidson joins #NoFilter with Zack Peter to spill the tea on some of the latest pop-culture headlines. 

We gab about: 

  • Riverdale Insider tea (6:45) 
  • Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart (9:15) 
  • J. Lo's Hustler's movie (10:30) 
  • BH90210 finale (14:10) 
  • Insider 90210 TEA...