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#NoFilter With Zack Peter

Jun 3, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner is out and we're talking about it! From Drake Bell's diss to Abercrombie's lawsuit, Zack brings in pal and former co-host of it's on with Zack, Deborah Noonan, to break down what's #Trending this week. Then, comedian and New York Times best-selling author of It Takes Balls Josh Wolf calls-in to talk about his new show on CMT, The Josh Wolf Show, and how life has changed since Chelsea Lately ended. All followed by a round of Kill Bang Marry and Josh weighing in on reality TV show scandals. Drink of the Week: Pressed Juicery Green Jalapeño Margarita (recipe at Tune in to The Josh Wolf Show on CMT June 11th. Keep up with Josh Wolf on Twitter @JoshWolfComedy, find out where Josh will be performing at, and grab a copy of his New York Times best-seller book It Takes Balls! You can also download It Takes Balls on Audible for FREE with a free trial at Let us know what you thought of the show. Tweet me @justplainzack using hashtag #NoFilterZack. Feed my ego: ‘Like’ me on Facebook at Give me your validation: Follow me on Instagram and watch me on Periscope @justplainzack Get healthier cocktail recipes, listen to more episodes of #NoFilter, and keep up with me at Special Thank you to Pressed Juicery @PressedJuicery and Blue Ice Vodka @blueicevodkausa and Audible. Find a retailer near you at or and sign-up for Audible at Guest Links Website: Twitter: Instagram: