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#NoFilter With Zack Peter

Jul 27, 2016

Host of Zetus Lapodcast, Zach Heltzel, joins #NoFilter with Zack Peter to discuss Disney Channel Original Movies and try to explain the latest Pokemon Go craze. Also weighing in, Dr. Lisa Strohman (technology wellness expert) gives her thoughts on the game and whether or not she thinks the game has any true benefit. Try ALOHA for FREE: Like the show? Subscribe to us! and listen every Wednesday. Couldn’t get enough of us? Follow Zack @justplainzack, Zach @ZachHeltzel, and Dr. Strohman at @DrLisaStrohman. Check out Zetus Lapodcast Mondays on iTunes and Sticher: Have a question for us? Tweet us @NoFilterZack! Give us your validation: and Snap with Zack at theactualzack