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#NoFilter With Zack Peter

Jan 6, 2016

Known as "America's Wellness Expert," board certified clinical nutritionist and best-selling author, Dr. Jim LaValle returns to #NoFilter with Zack Peter to talk about detoxing in the new year. Dr. LaValle gives his tips for juice cleansing, ways to maximize your cleanse, and how to avoid GAINING weight while juicing. He also weighs in on whether or not he thinks the Master Cleanse is a good option and whether or not you should also workout on a cleanse. Follow Dr. LaValle at @JimLaValle on Twitter or at Ready to get back in shape? Check out Fabletics and FL2 for men! Right now, get your first workout outfit for as little as $25! Get 50% dope workout gear now at Have a question for us? Tweet us at @NoFilterZack! Follow Zack on Twitter and Instagram at @justplainzack and on Snapchat @theactualzack. And be sure to listen to #NoFilter with Zack Peter every Wednesday and subscribe to the show on iTunes. For healthier cocktail recipes and more, head over to