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#NoFilter With Zack Peter

Dec 23, 2015

YouTube Personality Ethan Zachery Scott graces #NoFilter with Zack Peter with a purple head of hair helping Zack and returning co-host, Maria Nowacki, to cover the biggest celebrity scandals of 2015. Follow Ethan on Twitter and Instagram at @EthanZScotr or If you have any holiday parties coming up, remember don't drink and drive! Get yourself together and call an Uber! Use code UBERNOFILTER to get your first ride FREE! Have a question for us? Tweet it to @justplainzack using #NoFilterZack. Follow @justplainzack on Twitter, Periscope, and Instagram. And now on Snapchat TheActualZack. Follow us on Facebook at And be sure to listen to #NoFilter with Zack Peter every Wednesday and subscribe to the show on iTunes. For healthier cocktail recipes and more, head over to