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#NoFilter With Zack Peter

Sep 16, 2015

Love Expert and licensed counselor Samantha Burns joins #NoFilter with Zack Peter to break down the Dos and Don't of break ups and teach us how to bounce back gracefully. Sharing the lessons featured in her forthcoming book, Breaking Up and Bouncing Back, Samantha answers the questions: When is it time to break up? How long is it appropriate to grieve a relationship? How do I get back on the dating scene? Is it okay to Facebook-stalk my ex? Is rebound sex okay? And more! Follow Samantha on Instagram @lovesuccessfully, on Twitter @Love_Expert_Sam, online at, and look for her upcoming book, Breaking Up and Bouncing Back. Have a question for us? Tweet it to @justplainzack using #NoFilterZack. Follow @justplainzack on Twitter, Periscope, and Instagram. And now on Snapchat TheActualZack. Follow us on Facebook at And be sure to listen to #NoFilter with Zack Peter every Wednesday and subscribe to the show on iTunes. For healthier cocktail recipes and more, head over to