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#NoFilter With Zack Peter

Sep 2, 2015

Author of Rethinking Excessive Habits and Addictive Behaviors, Tony Bevacqua joins #NoFilter to cut the B.S., weighing-in on some the biggest celebrity addiction scandals, offering insight into the vicious cycle of addiction and giving advice for loved ones trying to understand and support those with an addiction. Plus, is Kanye the next president? Is Miley our next icon? Did Lindsay follow a self-fulfilling prophecy? Is Dr. Drew full of B.S.? Is My Strange Addiction real? All those questions and more! Stay up-to-date with Tony at @TonyBevREHAB on Twitter and visit Drink of the Week: Organic Wine (because organic is the only way to go!) Have a question for us? Tweet it to @justplainzack using #NoFilterZack. Follow @justplainzack on Twitter, Periscope, and Instagram. And now on Snapchat TheActualZack. Follow us on Facebook at And be sure to listen to #NoFilter with Zack Peter every Wednesday and subscribe to the show on iTunes. For healthier cocktail recipes and more, head over to