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#NoFilter With Zack Peter

Jul 29, 2015

TV Personality Paige Davis (TLC) returns for a relationship panel with comedian and host of Black and White with You and Me, Mike Casentini, and voice over actor Rena Marie Villano. Together Zack and the panel cover love, sex, and relationships, answering questions from listeners. Drink of the Week: Apple Kicker (Blue Ice vodka, apple juice, lemon, cayenne pepper, and ginger) Keep up with this week's panel on Twitter @RealPaigeDavis @mikecasentini and @RMVillano. Let us know what you thought of the show. Tweet @justplainzack using hashtag #NoFilterZack. Feed my ego: 'Like' me on Facebook at Give me your validation: Follow me on Instagram and watch me on Periscope @justplainzack Get healthier cocktail recipes, listen to more episodes of #NoFilter, and keep up with me at